Server Rules

No Vote Kicking While Admin is online

When an admin is online, and you have a player issue, advise the admin.. Admin will make decision to kick or not to kick.

Excessive Team Killing

is defined as on purpose killing of a team mate on purpose more than once when it was not agreed upon by both parties in advance.

Note: We do undertand that Team Kills do happen by accident, We do ask for a prompt apology in such cases.

No Vote Kicking ADMIN's

This should be obious, but it happened 2 times already. You Vote Kick or Vote Kick Ban an ADMIN and YOU WILL BE BANNED.

Verbal Abuse to an Admin or Other Player

Verbally Abusing An Admin or Any Other play will Not Be Allowed or Tolerated in any fashion

No Offensive Names Allowed.

If you have an Offensive Screen name you are subject to being banned.

Minimum Age to play on Savannah Group Servers is 13 years of age, or Parent must be in same game.

It will be up to the senior admin to determine if a user is old enough, or competient enough to play. If the admin determines he is too young, he/she will be asked to leave, or kicked. If they return they are subject to being banned. When younger players are online, it is asked to please watch your language.

No Setting Up Users for Team Kills

Intentionally jumping infront of someone's fire, or Gernade to force server kick of player is not allowed and will not be tolerated, Any user caught doing this will be banned from the server without ANY warning.

When Banned by an Admin, the only way to get back in is to file a protest in the Game Connect. At that point to be reinstated ALL admins must agree to grant another chance. If one admin votes no, then ban remains.

 There are Temporary Bans, and Permeant Bans. All Permeant bans are shared with other servers.