If you are Banned!

If you were banned on this server and you feel that you did not deserve to be banned we have a procedure to protest a ban. Simply follow the procedure below

1.) Select Server Status

2.) From the Source Bans Menu, Select "Appeal Ban"

3.) Most bans are Steam ID, if you are not sure, please select "Steam ID" as your Ban Type

4.) Enter your Steam ID. 

If you do not know your steam id it is easy to find.

a.) go to steamcommunity.com 

b.) under your username mouse over and then select "Profile"

c.) you will see a webpage address... Copy it to your clip board.

d.) Go to Steam ID Finder and copy your clipboard to the form box and click the green search key.

e.) Your steam ID will be under the address you just posted. It begins with "STEAM_" .

f.) Copy that information into your STEAM ID Box.

5.) Enter your real name in the next box

6.) Enter Your email address

7.) Click Submit

Once your appeal is received the administrators will all discuss your ban and you will be notified as soon as possible our decision.