Admin Choice of Headphones
(And Why Use Them)

When playing the game, using Voice Chat vs Text Chat is much more efficient and less time consumming. The unit that I recommend is the "Plantronics 355 Stereo Headset". Plantronics is one of the oldest headphones manurfactures in the world and are the main manurfactur of headphones in use by the FAA for air traffic control and their audio quality in my opinon is unmatched by even the most expensive on the market and they are comfortable to wear.

These units are very inexpense and are redially available ($19.95 at Best Buy) and has a 1 year warranty

The Specifications on these are as follows:

Speaker Driver Size - 40mm
Speaker Frequency Response - 20 hz-20 khz
Microphone Frequency Repsonse - 10hz - 10 khz
Cable Length - 6 foot.
3.5mm plugs (standard for computer or laptop)

Also comes with adapter to use with many Smart Phones and Tablets

A good reason to use these headphones vs speakers and a microphone is very simple. When someone is talking, they hear everything they say twice, when more than one person has speakers most of what is said in the channel is unintelligable. Be courteous and get a set of headphones... They are not much more than the game software actually costs to begin with..