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redxios211 STEAM_0:0:137499602 Team Killing
Obongo,Aessentic,Chase STEAM_0:1:55814403 Team Killing
A E S T H E T I C STEAM_0:0:101681281 Team Killing
Arction STEAM_0:0:51517521 Team Killing
Vehnriel Opsilion STEAM_0:0:84835121 Team Killing
TooCoolForStool STEAM_0:0:53780020 Team Killing
Foxy Socks Kettu STEAM_0:1:174802548 Team Killing
Arsene STEAM_0:0:56818978 Team Killing
The Middle East STEAM_0:1:52815084 Team Killing
442Domino STEAM_0:0:178066233 Team Killing
442Lokkon STEAM_0:0:197538483 Team Killing
442Ryuu Turner STEAM_0:0:77849178 Team Killing
442The Friendly Guard STEAM_0:1:96431071 Team Killing
green_manalishi,Green Mᴀᴎᴀᴌɪʂʜɪ STEAM_0:0:12324469 Team Killing
Dragamo STEAM_0:0:14673508 Team Killing
Meowcow is cool STEAM_0:0:140675495 Team Killing
ExudesAffluence STEAM_0:1:42224824 Team Killing
Cis Scum STEAM_0:0:29797526 Team Killing
Underoath STEAM_0:1:154539906 Team Killing
Coal_Mine STEAM_0:1:79665361 Team Killing
zakman2504 STEAM_0:1:162913818 Team Killing
xandrealara STEAM_0:0:242378798 Team Killing
Flying Caucasian STEAM_0:1:42102327 Team Killing
Hate666 STEAM_0:0:219689648 Team Killing
Carrousel STEAM_0:1:13418842 Team Killing
CocosRevolution STEAM_0:0:123318930 Team Killing
MangosRevolution STEAM_0:1:148007803 Team Killing
FluffyTheZombie STEAM_0:0:87021848 Team Killing
Makaronibaby STEAM_0:0:65589056 Team Killing
iWolf Mini STEAM_0:1:185615709 Team Killing
Toasty STEAM_0:1:128210683 Team Killing
Montmorency STEAM_0:0:108955927 Team Killing
Heisenberg330 STEAM_0:0:40981358 Team Killing
ChaoticBeef STEAM_0:1:101730709 Team Killing
Doug Dimmadome STEAM_1:1:87343127 Vote Kicking/Banning
Eat my octopus STEAM_1:1:124089158 Admin Killing
ThotKiller STEAM_1:1:56571585 Vote Kicking/Banning
^6Timmahh STEAM_1:0:61168433 Team Killing
RexyDog STEAM_0:0:145065869 Team Killing
iluvladies69 STEAM_0:1:55975235 Team Killing
General Jeff STEAM_0:0:16872897 Team Killing
amanaman STEAM_0:0:184756740 High Ping/Lag
donkynob STEAM_0:0:123651578 Admin Killing
>A$$Grabber STEAM_0:0:197178349 Admin Killing
.BC. Nicki STEAM_0:1:96112266 Team Killing
Shred STEAM_0:1:41788579 Team Killing
xXBRASILEIROx97 STEAM_1:1:62718737 Spamming Mic/Chat
Dacheeseburg STEAM_0:0:148407162 Team Killing
unclepeanuts STEAM_1:1:97795784 Parking
DaBlackMamba9 STEAM_0:1:14446430 Time Nuging server. 1 PING, actual ping from workstation showed over 40 Sellout Yeet STEAM_0:0:214477390 Team Killing
xX_Hank_Hill_Xx STEAM_0:0:48449265 Team Killing
Dialsoap69 STEAM_0:0:181473207 Team Killing
i beat the fuck out of my dick STEAM_0:1:92491001 Offensive Name/TKing (Intentional)
×JAM STEAM_0:0:144562059 High Ping/Lag
neilchangela33 STEAM_1:1:204326595 Team Flashing
Sinister_dolphin STEAM_1:1:91728651 Team Killing
Foos STEAM_0:0:148643830 Team Killing
DangerHardwick STEAM_0:1:104782983 Team Killing
kurtboi_1992 STEAM_0:0:39027533 Team Killing
ringsplitter STEAM_0:1:183999149 Team Killing
McLovin STEAM_1:1:87216421 Team Killing
Doom tH3 Deadly Dragon STEAM_0:1:32459104 Team Killing
flinch1031 STEAM_0:1:78274128 Team Killing
Admiral Harambe STEAM_0:0:105718329 Team Killing
xlr8er STEAM_1:1:127389456 Verbal Abuse
坑死一个算一个 STEAM_0:0:174747711 High Ping/Lag
[SAF] Mini_max123 STEAM_0:0:107730673 Team Killing
PsycholoFou STEAM_0:0:185702602 Team Killing
Dr.Freaks STEAM_0:0:18417712 Team Killing
wet sponge STEAM_0:0:41704914 Team Killing
saint christmas STEAM_0:0:62114393 Team Killing
goebbels STEAM_0:0:34359721 Team Killing
Rice STEAM_0:1:91174516 Team Killing
Pho Dac Biet STEAM_1:1:42474744 Team Killing
Ramit Sethi STEAM_0:0:21898236 Inappropriate Language
rlawofks09 STEAM_0:0:189798482 Team Killing
trollking STEAM_1:0:189949340 Team Killing
Clip Art Gorilla STEAM_0:0:102024749 Admin Killing
melt my foreskin STEAM_0:0:123776664 Admin Killing
really wish I was fucking dead STEAM_0:1:34392319 Team Killing
rfd_hl2a STEAM_1:0:10257511 Team Killing
Fuck STEAM_0:0:57382126 Inappropriate Name
MuhhamadCamelFucker/AUTISMSPEAK STEAM_0:1:30669878 Inappropriate Name
Scatologist STEAM_0:1:53464458 Team Killing
ibeatonerui123 STEAM_0:1:83240156 Team Killing
$^^TALKIN(smack)^BLACK^^$ STEAM_1:0:138726546 Team Killing
簡NOODLE簡 STEAM_0:0:706037 Intentional Team Killing
theunholymuffin STEAM_0:0:90721909 Team Killing
mannymadrid97 STEAM_0:0:146549171 Team Killing
colesace21 STEAM_0:0:144841513 Team Killing
mindcatcher786 STEAM_0:0:157913213 High Ping/Lag
Blimy! STEAM_0:1:148866543 Team Killing
Wammlm STEAM_0:0:68852386 Team Killing
Skyline STEAM_0:1:59800154 Team Killing
Klick Klak STEAM_0:1:5184432 Admin Killing
kevin bishop™ STEAM_0:1:50928037 Admin Killing
GrinnReefer STEAM_0:1:25221953 Inappropriate Language
Banana General STEAM_1:0:104942569 Team Killing
We Tortured Some Folks STEAM_0:1:82914633 Team Killing
vivid cortex STEAM_0:0:125894044 Team Killing
Jesus Hates You STEAM_1:0:28493505 Offensive Name
Lil John STEAM_1:0:48080899 Flash Banging after warning, TKing (2 admins), and vote kicking while admins in game.
scream queen death machine STEAM_0:1:78212770 Team Killing
Delta Mike,Wifiman STEAM_0:1:53875383 Team Killing
Francois Hollande STEAM_1:1:46786729 Team Killing
Luke Thotwalker STEAM_0:1:52910386 Team Killing
Croboy STEAM_0:0:74005838 Team Killing
Orkpower STEAM_0:1:10271376 Team Killing
Annie Oakley STEAM_0:1:123710269 Team Killing
Kanye West 2020 STEAM_0:0:56006164 Team Killing
PAiN | Toasti STEAM_1:0:69126721 General Exploit of Game/Map/Server
[PAiN]PizzaKiller STEAM_1:0:79626193 General Exploit of Game/Map/Server
Meltdown STEAM_1:1:26186731 General Exploit of Game/Map/Server
Time_5 STEAM_1:1:50022886 General Exploit of Game/Map/Server
[IOC] SYKLO STEAM_0:0:79735347 Admin Killing
SnowwAxius STEAM_0:1:58686190 Team Killing
XXX_Mlg_420_XXX STEAM_0:1:77723280 Admin Killing
Pink Guy STEAM_0:0:41861174 Team Killing
jogawild STEAM_0:1:12823211 Team Killing
MEANGENE STEAM_0:1:47357910 Team Killing
Posingmanatee STEAM_0:0:91164696 Team Killing
MrMadbacon STEAM_0:0:48126078 Team Killing
Megalo_Dom STEAM_0:1:78348545 Team Killing
RoyalBoi STEAM_0:1:81796142 Team Killing
penguins2223 STEAM_0:1:29181326 Team Killing
Hamster ◢◤ STEAM_0:0:18117423 Team Stacking
Spectro STEAM_0:0:86750549 Team Killing
Fiat Money STEAM_0:1:42453381 Team Killing
Swift STEAM_0:1:26703856 Team Killing
ZERODARKRUBY STEAM_0:0:32436296 Team Killing
:,fuck my tight lil asshole,oops,big dick STEAM_0:0:84131950 Offensive Name
chard STEAM_0:0:66204076 Team Killing
DERTER STEAM_0:1:35988921 DERTER, along with Kershaw and KryxaL repeatedly team killed me as soon as I spawned. Here is a youtube link to video evidence of them tking me:
KryxaL STEAM_0:1:57903423 Kryxal, along with Kershaw and DERTER repeatedly team killed me as soon as I spawned. Here is a youtube link to video evidence of them tking me:
Kershaw STEAM_0:1:40651548 Kershaw, along with DERTER and KryxaL repeatedly team killed me as soon as I spawned. Here is a youtube link to video evidence of them tking me:
A688 STEAM_1:1:120793797 Team Killing
DR.SOL STEAM_0:1:83112041 Team Killing/Vote Kicking
Cadet Duncan STEAM_1:1:52031214 Team Killing
Sniper_delta STEAM_0:0:9807527 Team Stacking
Otto Von Bismarck [Connor] STEAM_0:1:60708121 Team Killing
HTK STEAM_0:0:27300734 Vote Kicking/Banning
Tbone, STEAM_0:0:41068486 Team Killing
TheTerrent STEAM_1:1:64571173 General Exploit of Game/Map/Server
13etterNameThanYours STEAM_1:1:33965686 Team Killing STEAM_0:1:3834007 Verbally Abusive to everyone and about admin exercising discipline.
modern post-irony freeform jazz STEAM_1:1:9282182 Admin Killing
BADCUNTPANY STEAM_0:0:50798148 Inappropriate Name
Lord Reginald 18th of Cornwell STEAM_1:1:63419375 Team Stacking
Conway [506th IR] STEAM_0:0:64702963 Team Killing
Linebacker STEAM_1:0:83942304 Team Killing
SD-hg SirDeath STEAM_1:1:57233157 Team Killing
varietyterror STEAM_1:1:129926468 Team Killing
w0rldwide STEAM_1:0:81587087 Team Killing
ThirtyTree STEAM_1:0:62906838 Team Killing
SixtyTree STEAM_1:0:53732660 Team Killing
lazy_puppies STEAM_1:1:55452491 Team Killing
Fascist Stampede STEAM_0:1:36039519 Team Killing
CrouchingLlama STEAM_0:0:30579079 Team Killing
Skyplan #chocolatineforever STEAM_0:0:89658699 Team Killing
DOMIN STEAM_0:1:100078520 Team Killing
FUCK WHITE PEOPLE STEAM_1:1:5979797 Racism
Shrimp STEAM_1:1:66124936 Team Killing
laelaelaelelalalea STEAM_1:0:38311498 Team Killing
Doozey STEAM_1:1:43684040 Admin Killing
Iskander STEAM_1:1:73785336 High Ping/Lag
Mr.PoopyButthole STEAM_1:1:26407739 Inappropriate Name
jshig STEAM_1:0:59933864 Dropping Incendiary for people to have to run through...
Cr33PyFr0sT87 STEAM_1:0:63295236 High Ping/Lag
RED_ZONE_99 STEAM_1:0:89768826 Team Killing
[Kixx] RadIalz STEAM_1:1:45084316 Team Killing
Thao STEAM_0:1:21766484 Team Killing
hapipdalia STEAM_1:1:16686800 Team Killing
Fluid Shadow STEAM_1:0:88684813 Team Killing
lucahaderlein02 STEAM_1:0:142081467 Team Killing
1_am_Ahab STEAM_1:0:26239647 Team Killing
NIBBLER STEAM_1:1:59570372 Team Killing
FrostyZ STEAM_1:0:49482770 Team Killing
ogbobbyslothson STEAM_1:0:60475522 Team Killing
Sprocket STEAM_1:1:41719905 Team Killing
ColeSmith STEAM_1:0:70612333 Team Flashing
steveisback2 STEAM_1:0:68880207 Team Killing
AlltheOllz STEAM_1:0:133145492 Team Killing
mac STEAM_1:0:39908881 Team Killing
[CA]Survivor Man STEAM_1:1:75299591 Team Killing
Jester? STEAM_1:1:45198451 Admin Killing
[US]??(The Forgotten One) STEAM_1:0:84389218 Team Killing
[US]Junk STEAM_1:1:94087649 General Exploit of Game/Map/Server
[US]If im not Flexin im ongin STEAM_1:0:25530762 Team Killing
[US]BOT Opie STEAM_1:1:119056147 General Exploit of Game/Map/Server
[US]The Izzlondor STEAM_1:1:59693442 General Exploit of Game/Map/Server
KILLER STEAM_1:0:109005433 Admin Killing
IGTS.Zero_1263 STEAM_1:1:24696010 Team Killing
[US]Ansonflores STEAM_1:1:116854293 Team Killing
[--]KOBL1CK STEAM_1:1:50339829 General Exploit of Game/Map/Server
[--]mauricio.w.pereira STEAM_1:1:120773103 Team Killing
[US]PIC. That Nigga STEAM_1:1:45915013 General Exploit of Game/Map/Server
[US]Anrut STEAM_1:0:53647556 Team Killing
[--]KOBL1CK STEAM_1:1:50339829 General Exploit of Game/Map/Server
abridger2018 STEAM_1:0:78484603 Team Killing
[CA]GrillGaemers(7)George Forem STEAM_1:0:50458546 Ignoring Admins
[--]ItsPurity STEAM_1:1:54458933 Admin Killing
[CA]n-i-c_ STEAM_1:0:12913164 Team Killing
Anrut STEAM_0:0:53647556 Team Killing
[CA]SexySnipez STEAM_1:0:89751004 Team Killing
mauricio.w.pereira STEAM_1:1:120773103 Team Killing
Decro STEAM_1:1:27178885 Team Killing
[US]PIC. That Nigga STEAM_1:1:45915013 Inappropriate Spray
Maxiemuss STEAM_1:1:25815483 Team Killing
XxBeaRxX STEAM_1:0:48348529 Admin Killing
[US]Scout1 (Treia) STEAM_1:0:3482963 Ignoring Admins
The Pullout King STEAM_0:0:27404914 Team Killing
Jack of Clubz STEAM_0:0:5577544 Racism
Neroblade10 STEAM_1:0:85839307 Team Killing
Flamboyantly Straight #NOTGAY STEAM_0:0:79159601 Team Killing
Vladimir STEAM_0:1:72946943 Team Killing
[US]Luke STEAM_1:0:37807452 Team Killing
[US]Matttakesall STEAM_1:1:47742250 Team Killing
coreyreviello STEAM_0:1:68980968 Team Killing
[US]azreviello STEAM_1:1:106493295 Team Killing
[US]Kick Ass STEAM_1:1:41728927 Team Killing
Alpaca Alpaca STEAM_0:0:47722420 Team Killing
Xeon XLII STEAM_0:0:42651970 Team Killing
Hal the Pirate STEAM_1:0:41905523 Too Much talk
[--]Bill Dickman STEAM_1:1:39461993 Team Killing
[--]Ah Creeper STEAM_1:0:53678183 General Exploit of Game/Map/Server
RussianMoofins STEAM_1:0:67117373 Team Killing
Fuzzy Kitten STEAM_1:1:76796006 Team Killing
[US]Siperman STEAM_1:1:81666113 General Exploit of Game/Map/Server
[US]Plitka STEAM_1:1:33332768 General Exploit of Game/Map/Server
[--][RI] Woods STEAM_1:0:16598488 General Exploit of Game/Map/Server
Toxy STEAM_0:0:61208827 Team Killing
User Avatar PanzerBlitz STEAM_0:1:26604050 Team Killing
Big Frankie STEAM_0:1:39974712 Team Killing
Tony Cipriani STEAM_0:1:25347453 Racism
SmallDick STEAM_0:1:62878415 Team Killing
Wut STEAM_0:0:15497224 Team Killing
GenuinePorkChops STEAM_1:1:43476880 Team Killing
BonaFideSpareRibs STEAM_1:1:28277807 Team Killing
|H|K|Farty STEAM_1:0:63365650 Team Killing, Abusive Language.
|H|K|Gelatin STEAM_1:0:34059953 Team Killing, Abusive Language.
zoombiecow STEAM_1:1:54493229 Vote Kicking/Banning
anantichrist STEAM_1:0:40291313 Vote Kicking/Banning
Ratpatootie STEAM_1:0:47471574 Vote Kicking/Banning
A10tankkiller35 STEAM_1:0:64160075 Vote Kicking/Banning
This Fucking Guy STEAM_0:1:39492285 Team Killing
E.T Fishstick STEAM_0:1:17490037 Team Killing
tjgehrand STEAM_1:0:68518018 Team Killing
Soldier of Comedy STEAM_0:0:47554890 Team Killing
Soldier Of Gratitude STEAM_0:1:82833139 Team Killing
xxx_godoftime_xxx STEAM_1:1:63027036 Team Killing
khwanchai567 STEAM_1:0:94366166 Attitude
=MICZ= STEAM_1:1:45801035 Racism
shmic STEAM_1:0:43573656 High Ping/Lag
Gold STEAM_0:1:40988235 Team Killing
ZAWADA STEAM_0:0:67580896 Team Killing
NathookGD STEAM_0:0:56966923 Team Killing
Concordia Salus STEAM_0:0:55840834 Team Killing
JohnnyTsunami STEAM_1:0:32507188 Team Killing
Halfwasted STEAM_1:1:37711700 Spamming Mic/Chat
Cardinal Titty Fuck STEAM_0:0:64403111 Team Killing
SquirilSubmarine STEAM_0:1:80129954 Team Killing
Eggsplosion STEAM_0:1:46694572 Team Killing
borderkill666 STEAM_0:0:77900042 Team Killing
Four|Delta|One STEAM_0:1:34018926 Team Killing
alex1940 STEAM_0:0:37883009 Vote Kicking/Banning
Filthy Casual STEAM_0:1:68383589 Vote Kicking/Banning
Tomoe STEAM_0:1:54212777 Team Killing
xXMLG_PR0_B0NGHITZ_69Xx STEAM_1:0:49877534 Team Killing
UnknownHorseCawk STEAM_1:0:104279586 Vote Kicking/Banning
WindsorSalt STEAM_1:1:25199794 Team Killing
[US][CM]?ettle?f?etchup STEAM_1:0:17479641 Team Killing
[US]mtn goat STEAM_1:0:17511570 Vote Kicking/Banning
alza? STEAM_0:0:80890989 Team Killing
sackboy <3 fifflaren STEAM_0:0:27137152 Team Killing
Based God STEAM_1:1:38271755 Team Killing
Jesse Pinkeye STEAM_0:0:42153021 Team Killing
Quiche-Anne STEAM_0:0:64496593 Team Killing
Gunner Fudd AK STEAM_0:1:29538134 Team Killing
Madchickenattacks STEAM_0:1:51621829 Team Killing
The Falcon 77 STEAM_1:0:35852357 Vote Kicking/Banning
Kodann STEAM_1:1:57188606 Vote Kicking/Banning
Demheal STEAM_1:0:36540577 Vote Kicking/Banning
Beagnothr STEAM_1:1:83327255 Vote Kicking/Banning
Bucheron-chasseur STEAM_1:0:25757962 Vote Kicking/Banning
Ron the Democrat STEAM_1:0:86022212 Team Killing
skater22 STEAM_0:0:79312910 No Flash
Onyhx2 STEAM_1:0:86850867 Team Killing
Stabme STEAM_1:1:24162575 Team Killing
[LvLti]Razare STEAM_0:0:53115394 Team Killing
Total Russian :D STEAM_0:0:38751516 Team Killing
TuMamaEnTanga STEAM_1:1:29631344 High Ping/Lag
[US]Jackal STEAM_1:0:33997589 Aimbot
[AR]| h ? ? ? ? ? ? STEAM_1:1:24807836 High Ping/Lag
Ridge STEAM_1:1:72752274 Admin Killing
[XRGC] Kylar Stern STEAM_1:1:17675802 Team Killing
Callaghan92 STEAM_1:1:32976463 Team Killing
Ares STEAM_1:1:59603452 Team Killing
Zeus STEAM_1:0:43325766 Team Killing
And tonight Matthew STEAM_1:0:47620597 Team Killing
Lee STEAM_0:1:5782002 dick head
\_(?)_/ STEAM_0:0:14915549 asshole
Strat STEAM_0:1:6864153 Vote Kicking/Banning
Fegelein STEAM_1:1:52152299 Team Killing
GeneralWe STEAM_1:1:93980100 Team Killing
Devin_Samonte STEAM_1:1:83179048 Team Killing
Glenn_Samonte STEAM_1:1:71103026 Team Killing
???? ???? STEAM_0:0:15272370 Team Killing
averypfeiffer STEAM_1:0:42677575 blocking server
TheJudge STEAM_0:1:43532306 Team Killing
Avgeniii STEAM_0:0:21846694 High Ping/Lag
TF|ATLAS-TuanoMD STEAM_0:1:51768595 Team Killing
Sothpark STEAM_0:1:64433818 Team Killing
Hizbullah STEAM_1:0:57229144 Team Killing
Xhanox STEAM_0:1:30531281 High Ping/Lag
[DEH] Conq30 STEAM_1:0:20486897 Team Killing
?AU-SGH-BISHOP? Issei Hyodo STEAM_1:1:81691095 Team Killing
Han The Man STEAM_1:1:52556961 Team Killing
Calvar-Legio STEAM_0:0:15573678 HIGH PING LAGGING THE GAME.
rodrigoagrocelo STEAM_0:0:63356205 High Ping: From Brazil
'Merica! STEAM_0:0:56352813 Team Killing
uliale0192 STEAM_0:1:72205250 Team Killing
themilklives STEAM_0:0:49726883 Team Killing
keizerkoningdavey STEAM_1:0:82273808 Vote Kicking/Banning
florishub STEAM_1:0:94474074 Vote Kicking/Banning
bjw1998 STEAM_1:0:39128670 Vote Kicking/Banning
apelstaart STEAM_1:0:63742196 Vote Kicking/Banning
Poet STEAM_1:0:62531137 Spamming Mic/Chat
Godzilla STEAM_1:1:42112007 Team Killing
Family Sedan Man STEAM_1:1:33344571 Admin Killing
Q.Collin STEAM_0:0:30206125 Team Killing
MoonM4H STEAM_0:0:11717792 Team Killing
xXUberQuikScopeXx STEAM_1:1:55414779 Team Killing
Dick Longflop STEAM_0:0:41395800 Racist
AdoptedMexican STEAM_0:0:73860515 Racist
trakitu STEAM_1:1:75144863 Abusive Language
Fukkkkkkboyyyyyyyy STEAM_1:0:80441119 Inappropriate Name
AVRGhost331 STEAM_1:1:23350302 Team and Admin Killing
chhappy7 STEAM_0:0:17408097 Asshole - No Team Player
ath6323 STEAM_0:0:53684401 Asshole - No Team Player
(WAZA) dammajor STEAM_1:0:19978081 From Other Server - Kept threatening team to follow him or he would kill them. When we didn't follow him he threw a Molotov at us.
[DZS] Sackodicks STEAM_0:1:76620683 Vote Kicking/Banning Players and Admin
xTcR | Butt Stallion [IN-R] STEAM_1:0:54739291 From Shared Server List - Inappropriate Language
TurtleBeachPX3 STEAM_0:1:68918519 Excessive Killing of Team Mates.
The Real Slim Shady STEAM_1:0:36626407 From Shared Server: voted out member
Taivas STEAM_0:0:41959546 Team Killing
Space STEAM_0:0:25150673 Team Killing
Soulheim STEAM_1:1:41537452 jump from server to server to see how many teammates they can kill
Psycho STEAM_1:1:86670864 Killing Admin Repeatedly then exiting game to keep from getting caught.. Guess he forgot about log files.
pizza-warmup STEAM_1:0:93582941 Team Killing
n3g4tiv3_n4ncy STEAM_1:1:374694 Excessive Team Killing - From other server also known as "Nick"
murileixon STEAM_0:1:91477148 From Shared Server List - Inappropriate Language
Liam The Great STEAM_0:0:19787846 Vote Kicking/Banning Players and Admin
Kyle STEAM_0:0:47769520 Vote Kicking/Banning Players and Admin
Jackie Chan STEAM_1:1:80944298 From Shared Server List - Team Killing
Schwags STEAM_0:0:55109848 Vote Kicking Admin and Abusive Language. Is also a known hacker on another server.
hogkiller STEAM_1:1:69864665 From Shared Server List - Ignoring Admins
Hitler's Dick STEAM_0:1:70615566 Team Killing
Feillive STEAM_1:0:54819619 Excessive Team Killing and trolling
Evil Bunny STEAM_1:0:35529625 Purposely kills team mates and then rubbing it in their face.
DUCKSONQWAK STEAM_0:0:59962900 Vote Kicking Admin and Abusive Language
Destinysnake STEAM_1:1:41958380 jumps from server to server to see how many teammates they can kill
Commander Rainbow STEAM_0:0:51676506 From Shared List - Advertising on the server
BOLSHOY PISUN STEAM_1:0:25443313 Team Killing to complete round solo... General overall bully
Athanator STEAM_1:1:42071324 From Shared Server List - Team Killing
AssholeTickla STEAM_0:0:37691688 Vote Kicking/Banning Players and Admin
Quantum STEAM_0:1:44662253 Vote Kicking Admin and Abusive Language - From Shared Server List - Ignoring Admins and on our server (user is AKA: im feel lika a animal in caged)